Blue Shark

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Blue Shark

The species of requiem shark from the Carcharhinidae is known as the blue shark. They usually found in the deep waters of the temperate and tropical oceans. They migrate long distances like New England to South America.

What is Blue Shark

The Blue shark belongs to the Carcharhinidae from the genus Prionace. They have the ability to quickly move. The maximum lifespan is still unknown but it is believed that they can live up to 20 years. The species is listed to the near threatened.Blue Shark

Blue Shark Characteristics

Scientific NamePrionace Glauca
Other Names
Average Size1.82 – 2.82 meters
Average Weight150 Kg
Average Life Span20 years
Attacks per yearup to 1 per year

What does Blue shark look like?

Blue sharks are light bodied with long pectoral fins. The blue sharks also are countershaded which is deep blue on the top of body lighter on the sides while the underside is white. The maximum length of these sharks can go up to 3.8 m long. These are also ectothermic and have a unique sense of smell.

Blue Shark Facts

  • They get the name blue shark because of their deep indigo coloring body.
  • They have the vibrant blue shades on both sides of their body.
  • This is a migratory breed, blue sharks are found all over the world except the polar circle.
  • Blue sharks are the graceful swimmers that have slime and torpedo shaped body.
  • They reach up to 13 feet in length and can weight up to 450 pounds.
  • The found their diet by detecting the electromagnetic pulses from as all other sharks do.
  • Along with their favorite food squid, it likes to eat shrimp, seabirds, and smaller sharks.
  • There are no natural predators of blue sharks but these are commercially captured by humans.

Blue Shark Attack

From the past few decades, there is no serious fatality reported due to Blue shark. The Blue shark usually not attack human beings. But if you try to provoke then no doubt, it can harm you. This is the quite silent species of shark which rarely seen on the coast.

Blue Shark Life Span

The lifespan of the Blue Shark is not yet known by anyone. But the researchers believe that it can live up to 20 years. The lifespan in the male and females can differ as well.Blue shark

Blue Shark Diet

The blue shark diet includes squid, cuttlefish, pelagic octopuses, lobster, shrimp, carb, and a large number of bony fishes and sometimes seabirds as well. The squids are the major part of their diet along with the other invertebrates.

Blue Shark Size

These sharks do not grow up so long as the Whale shark. The average size of the blue sharks is ranging between 1.82 – 2.82 meters. While the maximum record size blue shark is recorded at the 5 meters officially.

Baby Blue Shark

The baby shark of the species blue shark generally born in the late winter and fall. The female blue sharks fertilized the eggs inside. The fertilized eggs hatched inside and born in the good conditions in the late winter and spring. They ab

Blue Shark Habitat

It is a slow swimmer animal but can move quickly when feeling stimulated by external factors such as the presence of the predators and other dangerous species like human beings. The blue shark is nomadic and migrates their location in the clockwise direction from Gulf Stream to the Caribbean, passing along the coast of the United States to the Caribbean through Eastern Europe, Southern Africa.

Blue Shark Reproduction

The gestation period in the Blue shark is between 9 to 12 months. The females mature at the age of 5-6 years while the males at 4-5 years. The courtship involved the biting by the males until the females are not agreed to mate. They are viviparous with a yolk-sac placenta which delivers 4 to 135 pups per litter.

The sharks are believed danger for the humans. But out of 500 species of sharks, only 10 species are considered dangerous for the humans. Blue sharks are commercially fished every year. the species is not considered concerned but it might be in the upcoming few years. You can read about other species of Sharks from this page: Shark Species

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