Porbeagle Shark Fish Species, Types, Diet, Facts, Size, Habitat

Porbeagle Shark Fish Species, Types, Diet, Facts, Size, Habitat, Lifespan, Reproduction, Attacks, Facts can be checked from here with the list.

Porbeagle Shark

The porbeagle or Lamna Nasus is a species of mackerel shark belong to the Lamnidae family. The species widely distributed in the temperate and cold marine water of Southern Hemisphere and North Atlantic.

What is Porbeagle Shark

The species of shark is an opportunistic hunter which often prey cephalopods and bony fishes throughout the water column including the bottom. It conducts the seasonal migration including the common shifting between shallower and deeper water.

Porbeagle Shark Characteristics

Scientific Name Lamna Nasus
Other Names Atlantic Mackerel Shark, Beaumaris Shark, Bottle Nosed Shark, Blue Dog
Average Size 2-2.5 m
Average Weight 110-125 kg
Average Life Span 6-18 years
Attacks per year Probably 1 or 2

What does a Porbeagle shark look like?

The porbeagle has a stout body with a fusiform shape along with the long conical snout taper to a sharp point which supported by enlarged highly calcified rostral cartilages. The porbeagle has large and black eyes without nictitating membranes. The small S-shaped nostrils are on the front and below the level of the eyes. The mouth is strongly curved and large with moderately protrusible jaws.

Porbeagle Shark Facts

  • The porbeagle shark is a cold water shark that has the appearance look like a smaller Great White.
  • The shark rarely attacks humans until not provoked to attack.
  • The species of shark prefer to live in the deep blue sea.
  • These sharks often see in the temperate and cold regions as well.
  • The Porbeagle shark maximum size up to 6.1 meters only.
  • These sharks are continuous to move their locations.

Porbeagle Shark Attack

Although the Porbeagle sharks have a large size they don’t attack the swimmers and boats. The sharks are known for its playful behavior. They usually don’t attack the humans and happy with their aquatic mates. The sharks might attack the humans if provoked to attack.

Porbeagle Shark Life Span

The lifespan in the porbeagle shark can be different in males and females. Mature males can live up to 6-11 years while the females from the north Atlantic can live up to 12-18 years. The oldest porbeagle record lifespan was 26 years. The maximum lifespan of this species shark can live up to 30-40 years in the Atlantic but it can be 65 years in the South Pacific.

Porbeagle Shark Diet

These are the active predators and prefer to eat small and bony fishes. The major food of these sharks is pelagic fishes like mackerel, lancetfish, herring, pilchards, and sauries. Squids are the important part of these sharks diet. Including this diet, they also feed sometimes shelled molluscs, echinoderms, crustaceans, and other invertebrates.

Porbeagle Shark Size

The size of the porbeagle could be different in the different regions. The newborn porbeagles measure 58-67 cm long and the weight not more than 5 kg. The annual growth rate of the young ones is 16-20 cm and similar in both hemispheres. The maximum size was recorded at 8.2 feet long.

Baby Porbeagle Shark

The new porbeagle shark babies can be 23-26 inch and have the weight around 5 kg. Up to a tenth of the weight is made up of the liver, through some yolk also remains in its stomach and continues to sustain the pup until it able to prey the diet. The overall growth of the babies noted is 7-8 cm per month.

Porbeagle Shark Habitat

The sharks are mostly found in the northern and southern Atlantics. The population appears in the northern and southern hemispheres appear is completely separate. The porbeagle sharks prefer to live in the temperate waters ranging from 1 to 23 degrees Celsius. Seasonal migrations have been observed in porbeagles from both hemispheres.

Porbeagle Shark Reproduction

The porbeagle sharks are ovoviviparous retaining the developing young within the brood chamber before giving birth to live young. It will get all the nutrition that required to develop the young ones properly. The young are born in the late winter or spring which is the perfect time to easily survive. Porbeagles reach the maturity for mating at a size of 217 cm while the males are mature get maturity at 174 cm.

The image of the shark in our mind is dangerous. But the Porbeagle sharks are not the danger at all. Peoples can swim around this and the shark will enjoy it. Explore this website to know about the more: Shark Species

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