White Shark

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White Shark

The Great white shark is the actual danger from which you afraid of. When the scientists start their research on these deceptive predators, they get the image about the mindless killing machines starts to fade.

What is White Shark

The white shark is also known as the great white shark, white pointer, and great white is a species of large mackerel shark that can be found in the coastal surface waters of all major oceans.Great white shark

White Shark Characteristics

Scientific NameCarcharodon Carcharias
Other NamesGreat White Shark, White Pointer, Great White
Average Size3-5 m
Average WeightApprox. 600 kg
Average Life Span70 years
Attacks per yearMore than 85

What does White shark look like?

The white shark has is not known natural predators other than on the very few occasions, the killer whale. This is one of the primary predators of marine mammals as it is the world’s largest known extant macropredatory fish. The size of the males is measuring about 11 to 13 ft and females 15 to 16 ft on average.

White Shark Facts

  • The white generally prefer cooler water that has the temperatures ranging from 54-75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • These are spotted many times in the depth of the water up to 3900 feet.
  • The age of white shark is about 70 years yet previously believed of only 25 years.
  • A white shark might have the weight about 1500 – 2400 pounds.
  • The female sharks can grow much longer than the males.
  • The largest white shark recorded in the wild was estimated 26 ft.
  • The shark eats approx 11 tons of food in a single year.
  • Sharks have six senses which are smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing, and electroreception.
  • They can even feel the heartbeat of the prey in the close area.
  • Their sense of smell is too good that they can smell the blood in the water from 3 three miles away.

White Shark Attack

This is one of the dangerous unprovoked shark species that reason for the number of the deaths every year. The White sharks do almost 80 attacks on humans each year. It doesn’t need to provoke to attack. These sharks are considered mindless killing machines.

White Shark Life Span

The average life of the white shark is 70 years. The white sharks have the similar lifespan to the humans. Yet they can reduce human life by killing them. These are known as the killing machine too.Great White Shark, White Pointer, Great White

White Shark Diet

The great white sharks are carnivorous and primarily prey for the tuna, ray, cetaceans, pinnipeds, sea turtles etc. These also sometimes eat the objects that they unable to digest. These have the powerful jaws to capture the prey.

White Shark Size

The size of the white sharks can vary in the males and females. The large female individuals grow up to 6.1 m long and weight up to 1900 kg. The average males are measuring to grow only 3.4 to 4.0 m and females 4.6 to 4.9 m.

Baby White Shark

the reproduction in the white sharks is low. Because they reach the maturity late as female white sharks get the maturity at the age of 33 years and male ones get maturity at the age of 33 years approximately. The mating behavior is not yet justified it but their gestation period is about 11 months.

White Shark Habitat

The white sharks live in almost coastal and offshore waters which have water temperature between 12 – 24 degrees Celsius with greater concentration in the United States, South Africa, Japan, Chile and the Mediterranean including Sea of Marmara and Bosphorus. The Dyer Island of South Africa has the densest known for the population.

White Shark Reproduction

The white sharks are recently believed that they reach the sexual maturity at the age of 15 years. But later, it is known that they mature for the mating at the age of 26 in males and 33 in females. As the sharks have become late mature, so, they have the low reproductive rate along with it, the pressure of climate change and overfishing as well.

The white sharks are considered dangerous for the humans by these are also gain the category of Vulnerable because the reproduction rate int he white shark is low. The humans also fishing for the sharks just get some oil and vitamins. You can get more information about sharks by exploring this website: Shark Species

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