Wobbegong Shark Fish Species, Types, Diet, Facts, Size

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Wobbegong Shark

Wobbegong sharks are also widely known as the carpet sharks which include the 12 species of sharks. The name ‘wobbegong’ is believed to given to this species originated from the Australian Aboriginal language which means ‘Shaggy beard’.

What is Wobbegong Shark

The wobbegong sharks are bottom-dwelling sharks and spend their most of time resting on the sea floor. Most of the species have a maximum length of about 1.25 m. These can attack humans but no serious injuries.

Wobbegong Shark

Wobbegong Shark Characteristics

Scientific Name Orectolobidae
Other Names Carpet sharks
Average Size 1.25 m
Average Weight Approx. 70 kg
Average Life Span 2 years
Attacks per year 2-3

What does Wobbegong shark look like?

These sharks spend their most of time in the depth of the water on the sea ground. Most species of wobbegong have the length of 1.25 m and the largest recorded Wobbegong shark recorded 3 m length yet. Wobbegong uses their relative invisibility to hide among the rocks to catch smaller fish which swim too close. It is a typical ambush predator.

Wobbegong Shark Facts

  • Wobbegong sharks are also known as carpet sharks.
  • There are 12 species of wobbegong sharks.
  • These sharks are slow moving.
  • Wobbegong sharks have sharp teeth and strong jaws.
  • Female wobbegong sharks birth to pups.
  • Some wobbegong sharks can be kept as pets at the house.
  • Wobbegong sharks are not endangered yet.
  • These sharks can grow their length up to 1.8 m long.
  • The female wobbegong can give birth to the 20 live young pups in once.
  • The maximum length of the Wobbegong shark is recorded 3 m.
  • This is almost harmless shark species for humans.
  • The lifespan of these sharks about 2 years only.

Wobbegong Shark Attack

Wobbegong sharks have not provoked species but they attack the swimmer, divers and SCUBA divers that try to get close to the sharks. The wobbegong also can bite humans and its’ painful. These are so flexible that if you hold their tail, they can bite you on your hand. They have the number of small but sharp teeth that easily pierce the human skin.

Wobbegong Shark Life Span

There are many things that yet to be discovered and studied. Several researchers are believing that the wobbegong shark can live up to 2 years only. The age of maturity is still unavailable.

Carpet Sharks

Wobbegong Shark Diet

The wobbegong sharks are often seen to consume the food includes Orectolobus Maculatus and at the night, they like to eat octopuses, lobsters, crabs, sea bases and luderick. They stay hidden on the rock or in the bush to wait for the prey.

Wobbegong Shark Size

The maximum length of the wobbegong is recorded about 3 m. The average size of the wobbegong found about 1.25 m only. They can grow at the proper length if they get the proper diet of food.

Baby Wobbegong Shark

The wobbegong sharks give birth to the live young mostly in the December month. The birth time also depends on the condition and environment as well. At the time of birth, the size of pups is only 8.3 inch. These sharks use their ability to invisible among the rock and ground for prey.

Wobbegong Shark Habitat

The wobbegong sharks are commonly seen in the shallow waters in the eastern Indian Ocean, Western Queensland, Southern Australia, and sometimes around Japan and the South China Sea as well. They are found on the continental shelf, from the intertidal zone to 110 m. They spent most of their life near to the sea ground to prey on their diet.

Wobbegong Shark Reproduction

Wobbegong sharks are ovoviviparous which means they birth the live young which developed internally in the female wobbegong. The litters of spotted wobbegongs are large if there are 37 pups are born from one female. Males are attracted to females during the breeding season when they release pheromones into the water. The average size of the newborn is about 21 cm.

Wobbegong sharks are one of the quite harmless until it’s not provoked. If you try to catch it tail or head then it can be attacked. Check out more information about shark species given on this site: Shark Species

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