Taimen Fish

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Taimen Fish

Taimen is fish species belongs to Salmonidae family. The fish is common in Siberia and commercial farm throughout the year to complete the demand. These fish are considered as the largest member of the Salmonidae family. The fish species have a voracious appetite and get the top place in the food chain, due to which these also known as ‘river wolves’. The fish species get the maturity late and they live longer as compared to other salmonids. The species is more sensitive about changes in their environment.

What is Taimen Fish

The taimen is also widely known for the game fish, particularly used for the fly fishermen. But most of these fish species are now facing the danger of extinction. The fish species usually travel long distances for the spawning and this may the reason that the species is widespread. These are beautiful fish that have the stunning coloration. But these are also violent predators which usually get the small fishes in their diet or food. The fish is able to jump out completely like the fly.

Taimen Characteristics

Scientific NameHucho Taimen
Other NamesSiberian taimen, Siberian Solomon
Average SizeApprox 70-120 cm
Average WeightUp to 15-30 Kg
Average Life SpanAbout 55 years

Taimen Size

The largest taimen fish was caught in a Russian river Kotui in 1943 which have a length of 210 cm and a weight of 105 kg recorded. It was the largest fish in the Salmonidae family. These fish may grow up to a length of 150-180 cm. Mostly fish captured weigh from 15-30 kg and have an average length of about 70-120 cm. The fish is hard to keep in the aquarium or in the fish tank. The coloration of the fish varies geographically. But generally, have the olive green color on their head that faded with the reddish brown in the fishtail.

Taimen Size

Taimen Distribution

The fish species distributed on a larger scale that included the part of Caspian and Arctic drainage in Eurasia and few regions of Pacific drainage in Mongolia and Russia. The taimen species generally lives in rivers and occasionally found in lakes. This is not a migratory fish but sometimes show the movements rates during the spawning season. The coloration of the fish also varies from the olive green to the reddish brown from the head to tail. The fish may have region wise different coloration. These fish requires regular flowing water but sometimes comes to the lakes as well.

Taimen Fish Eating

The mature taimen fish species are generally piscivores though these frequently eat prey such as birds and rodents. These fish are also known as the ‘river wolves’ because these are hunting in schools. The feeding habits of these fish largely depend on the other fish. These are also consumed mammals, rodents, bats, a variety of birds, reptiles, and amphibians, and more than 50 fish species. These are the gourmand predator that eats anything alive that happens to be in the river with them.

Taimen Behavior

The taimen in the wild habitat may found in alone or in a small pack. Generally, they stay in the small schools to stay safe from the larger predators in the water. Sometimes they used to hunting in the pack. But mostly they individually find their food. These fish species are referred to as the River Wolves due to their behavior in the water.

Taimen Aquarium

The fish is quite hard to keep in the aquarium. The fish is not preferable to keep in the aquarium for novice or beginner fish keepers. The Taimen is usually found in the wild habitat as it requires particular habitat conditions. They are used to live in high flowing oxygenated water. The fish prefer to live in the substrate having fine-grained sand and rocks in the bottom of the river. The water conditions of the aquarium should favorable to fish and are recommended only for experienced fish keepers. A filtration system should introduce to the fish aquarium to regularly clean the tank water.

Taimen fish

Taimen Fish Reproduction

This fish species has a very slow reproduction rate. The reproduction takes place only during the breeding season. The males and females will meet up there. After the mating process, the females will search for the place under the gravel in water where they can place their eggs. The breeding process is quite slow as they only reproduce only during the breeding season. Numerous eggs were able to survive until they hatch. After the hatching, most of them become the food of predators in the water. In the wild habitat, these fish are known for living up to 50 years.

Taimen Tank Mates

The taimen fish have somewhat attacking behavior. The fish usually found in the small pack to stay safe from the large predators and hunt for their food as well. The fish can keep alone in the aquarium but will be good have in few numbers. These fish can’t keep with the small-sized fish in the same aquarium or tank. These are piscivores and may eat the small fish in the tank. The fish can happily share the aquarium with the same fish species without having any issues. The main advantage is that you have don’t have to change water parameters for this particular fish species.

Taimen Conservation

Gradually declined population of this fish in several locations has become a concern. The fish catches in many locations to serve as the delicious salmon. The fish has the slow reproduction rate but the consumption and demand are high. Resultant, the population is started declined in various locations and IUCN Red list of threatened species evaluate the population and consider this species threatened. In few regions, there is only catch and release program in which peoples can fish for Taimen but can’t keep them. They have to use certain types of hooks that won’t damage the fish.

This fish species is an open and highly oxygenated water species. The fish is only recommended for the experienced aquarists. There are many things while having this fish should be in sync. Thanks for visiting us.

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