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Trevally Fish

Trevally is a fish species that referred to many species of fish from the jack family Carangidae. This is the large marine fish that spread out in the tropical waters in the Indo-Pacific region. The range of the fish species are stretching to South Africa in the west, Hawaii in the east which includes Japan in north and Australia in the south. These are also known as the skilled predators in their habitat. The fish becomes quickly mature and ready to breed as they reach the length up to 60 cm at the age of three.

What is Trevally Fish

This is a marine fish that has the large size with weight about 5 Kg. The species have the more than 50 species for that it referred. In most of the native countries of this species, the peoples used to eat this fish like the food. The fish fulfill a major part of food source in countries like Thailand, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia etc. The fish can grow a size up to 70 cm in length. The size of the fish may vary with the fish species and habitat of the fish also affects the growth of the fish species. This is a carnivore fish that usually feed the small size fish species in their diet.

Trevally Fish Characteristics

Scientific Name Caranx ignobilis
Other Names Barrier Trevally, Lowly Trevally
Average Size Approx 70 cm
Average Weight up to 5 Kg
Average Life Span About 35 years

Trevally Fish Size

The trevally fish species can found in the different levels of the water. These fish have a deep body with separated dorsal fins and a row of ridged plates near the tail base are the main attraction in this fish species. The body of the fish has the coloration of mixture blue-green with metallic overtones. The fish may have a dark blotch on their upper gill plate when its fins are tinged yellow. The size of the fish can grow up to 70 cm as per records. The length of the fish highly depends on their habitat and food diet. The fish usually gain more growth as compared to the fish in the captivity.

Trevally Fish Weight

The weight of the fish is quite heavy. The full sized or well-grown fish may get the weight about 5 Kg. The fish weight is strictly following the nutrition that they getting in the food diet. The fish usually gain this weight but it can vary with the length or size of the fish. The trevally weight may increase with the increase in the size of the fish. In the wild habitat, the fish successful get such length while the captive fish isn’t able to get such body size and weight. The overweight in the fish may also create various problems for the fish such as diseases and infection as well.

Trevally Fish Life Span

This fish has a quite good lifespan which may exceed more than 40 years. These fish species are slow growing fish species that can live more while getting the proper care from the fish keeper. The water and tank conditions much affect the fish lifespan. Apart from this, the fish should have the recommended tank mates which behave well rather than build stress in the fish. The lifespan of the fish may increase by giving the proper care to the fish along with the nutritious food. The water parameters need to maintain within the preferable range.

Trevally Fish Diet

The trevally fish is considered as the strong and skilled predators that prey for the small fish species. The diet of the fish includes small fish species. These fish considered as the carnivore fish species. The fish are usually active during the day to hunt their food at dawn and dusk. In a few regions, these are nocturnal fish species.

Trevally Fish Habitat

These fish are mostly like to feed plankton. So, these used to live in the areas where the food is easy to found whether it rocky shore or muddy bottom. During the summer, the trevally can commonly appear in the close-packed schools and inhabits in the depth about 100 meters. These fish usually appear in the large schools while feeding on krill (a small shrimp-like crustacean). If they have the scarcity of plankton in the water then they started feeding on sift out worms and other small organisms. The fish species can found in a large range of rocky shores to weed lines and in the open water. These fish also schooling with the other species of fish.

Trevally Fish Aquarium

The trevally fish species is considered as a bad fish for the aquariums. There are many reasons to call this fish bad for captive tanks. The main reason is that you can’t keep small sized fish with it as they may become food for this fish. You require a quiet large aquarium with all the essential accessories. Keep this fish species in the captivity is quite costly. The fish is carnivorous and require a great quantity of food daily. The fish is not suitable for the house aquariums too because of their large size and much care which is impracticable at the house.

Trevally Fish Reproduction

Trevally has the different genders which achieve the maturity of mating by reaching half of their maximum length. These fish are able to reproduce at the age of 3 to 5 years while the smaller size trevally, reaches the sexual reproduction at the age of 2 years. Several species travel long distances to find the mates to breed in large number. The female trevally fish release the eggs in the open water which fertilize by the males. The fertilized eggs drift on the open-ocean and take more than one month to hatch. Only a few able to survive until becomes a young fish juvenile. And a numerous gets the maturity at the age of 2-5 years as most of becomes the food of other predators.

The fish species has somewhat aggressive behavior which is not suitable for the other fish because it also has a large size body. The fish may fight with the other fish kept in the same tank. This fish can keep alone in the aquarium but still requires a large-sized tank as it needs space to swim. Thanks for visiting us.

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